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"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

03 April 2010

Potter Gallery (NGV)

Revisited the Gallery on Thursday (1 April), which was the first day of the Top Arts VCE 2009 exhibition. The selection panel considered over 1700 applications and about 70-80 works were on display showing a diversity of art-forms including drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, textiles, and screen based works. Very impressive, inspirational, and well worth a visit.

Also had a look at the “Stick it! Collage in Australian Art” exhibition. Again, here was a huge range of approaches to the art form. Some very clever and engaging and others, well……! I asked the staff if some of the works were there today only as an April fools joke, but the incredulous looks on their faces told me that that was probably not the case! (I am still not convinced, and will have a look again in a few weeks time.)

Whilst in the area I could not resist revisiting Hosier Lane and “Hey, this time, there was art action!”

Photo © PeteM2010


  1. hey Pete...i haven't got a chance to post anything on the visit that day...but really wanted to thank you for letting me join you and even taking me to the exhibitions again when i joint you late.

  2. Thanks for joining me - it made it an enjoyable and fun day!