"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

26 October 2010

Quotes and Quips

Half the modern drugs could well be thrown out the window, except that the birds might eat them.  ~Martin H. Fischer

I have in between paroxysms of coughing, sneezing and feeling generally miserable found time to read a few quotes. It’s been mainly one-liners as that seems to be the sum total of my current attention span.

Over the past few days/nights, I’ve put a few of these quotes on a webpage – and I shall be happy to include your favourite if you post it in the comments section below.

The webpage may not work well in some versions of Internet Explorer but is fine in Safari and FireFox. In IE8, there is an icon resembling a torn sheet of paper on the address bar - clicking it may resolve the display problem! The webpage may take a moment or two to fully load.

I used the @font technique in the webpage – you may very well not like my choice, but free @font libraries are at this stage very limited. Shows great promise though.

24 October 2010


Despite having engaged in all-out pharmaceutical warfare, the nasty little bug currently bothering me, is winning too many of the battles.
Mind and body have turned into mush, making any attempt at useful activity quite futile.

Fortunately Pradnya has rallied amongst the failing troops, and the first copies of the Exhibition Catalogue have been produced, with the rest to be printed and collated on Monday. Go Pradnya!!

Briefly caught the late afternoon light in the garden. Always lifts the spirits:
Image © PeteM2010
Further dispatches when mind and body again join forces.

21 October 2010


First time I heard the expression “crook in bed with a wog” I had no idea about what it meant, but it sounded exotic! Believe me, from my current experience, it isn’t. To add insult to injury, the attendant fever induced hallucinations over the past few days have been totally uninspiring.
However, I have during a few lucid moments made a webpage from a few of my photos from the Zoo outing. Just click HERE to have a look.

I have used a few CSS3 selectors on that page, so if you have an up-to-date and compliant browser (which does not include IE7 or IE8, but Microsoft is slowly getting the message, IE9 is apparently showing promise) you can see ‘rounded corners’, ‘drop shadows’ and ‘opacity’ in action – no Photoshop. The page XHTML and CSS weighs in at just over 4KB!

16 October 2010

Old (type)faces

Visiting the Melbourne Printing Museum was quite an experience. There can't be may places in the world where you can still see hot metal typesetting in live action. Michael and his fellow old boys had a Linotype and a Ludlow machine all steamed up and in fine working order for us to see, hear and smell.

Image © PeteM2010
The culmination of a perfect day’s outing was the production of a hand-printed letterpress poster. Additionally, for me, having had a chance to rummage through cupboards full of old matrices, wooden typefaces and some glorious Italian paper stock, was pure bliss!

Like to see a few more images? Just CLICK here!

14 October 2010

Seal Charmer

After a day at the Zoo, it's hard to say what was more fun – watching the animals or watching people’s reactions to them. Without doubt, the Zoo trip put a smile on everybody’s faces. For me, one of the many highlights was seeing Lidia in full flight photographing the seals. Poetry in motion! 
Image © PeteM2010

This chap was used to posing for the camera - didn't make a move until I'd set up the camera and was ready to shoot!
Image © PeteM2010