"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

30 September 2010


Image © PeteM2010

I was going through my photo library looking for images for the triptych, but instead got waylaid by photos of glass. I have put together a web page with some of the images. To have a look at the photos:-- just click here! There are quite a few images so give the page a moment or two to load!

The above image was captured in Sydney as we walked to the bus stop on the last day of the class excursion. 

25 September 2010


It was reading a quote by Victor Hugo late at night that triggered the imagination and became the inspiration for a bit of messing about with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The result of the night’s toil can be seen by clicking here

22 September 2010


Made another trip to the city to gather images for the photo and video assignments. 
Image © PeteM2010

Composing for the 16:9 format has its own challenges, but the more I work on it, the more I have come to see the opportunities it presents. I have posted a few of today’s results on this web page:
 My latest 16:9 images

14 September 2010


As I have been working on the photo assignment - blue has been a recurring theme:

Image © PeteM2010
I have posted some of my other images for the photo assignment on this web site: Movement and Colour

13 September 2010

Ron Rado

I’ve finished reprinting and stretching the image for the competition. All that remains is to give it a coat of medium, a couple of hooks and write the obligatory blurb that will accompany the print.
Image © PeteM2010

This time I believe I found the correct printer settings, because the colours almost jump off the canvas. Whether you like the subject matter or not, at about 90cm x 100 cm this print will be hard to ignore!

Wow – what an opportunity, what a privilege this course is!

06 September 2010


This term’s photo assignment will be a total antithesis of my established approach to photography. Rather than worrying about a colour profiled workflow, optimised image sharpness etc., I simply put a moderately long lens on the camera and let it rip.
Image © PeteM2010

Maybe it was looking at images by Magnum photographers like Larry Towel, Burt Glinn and Bruce Davidson that got me thinking along this path, but this current series of street photographs is part of an idea I have been brooding on during my recent travels. More on that in a future blog.

Seems funny, doesn’t it   - having spent a lot of money putting together a marvellous camera and lens combination just to take blurry pictures, something I did years ago with a cheap plastic camera costing just a few dollars!