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19 April 2010

Art Hotel

Photo © PeteM2010

The Henry Jones IXL hotel was built out of the derelict IXL jam factory on Hobart wharf. As much as possible of the old structure has been retained and is easily identified in every room of the hotel. The restoration is outstanding.

When the heating is cranked up in winter, drops of sugar syrup will still ooze from some of the old beams. Not quite what you expect in a four and a half star hotel, but it is part of the charm!

The hotel has a fabulous art collection, and as Christine (the hotel’s art curator) pointed out to me, students and graduates from the local art school produce many of the works. All the art is for sale.

Christine told me that the latest trend in art is to combine traditional and digital methods in producing the images. As if we didn’t know David’s teaching is “cutting edge”!

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