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21 April 2010

In pursuit of fish

San Remo is a popular fishing village about 1.5 hours drive south-east of Melbourne. Should be just the spot for finding a selection of suitable specimens for the fish drawing project, even has a fisherman’s co-op. I set out this morning optimistically on my journey, paper, pencils and camera on the ready!

The co-op was full of customers and there was plenty of fish for sale – but “fried or grilled” fillets were the only option. The only whole fish in sight were some miserable specimens currently being fed to a patrol of pelicans gathered on the nearby beach!

 Image ©: PeteM2010

A local sports fisherman offered me a gummy shark, but if my memory serves me right, sharks do not have much in the way of a skeleton, just cartilage.

Will not give up on this project just yet! With David (our teacher) most probably stuck somewhere in Europe due to a wayward volcano, I will take the opportunity to do some river fishing instead of class next week. The Todd may yield some interesting species!

Caught this on my way home, near Kooweerup:

Image © PeteM2010

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  1. Hi Pete,

    I Was there just the other day.... anyhow for good variety of fish go to springvale I mean there is anything and everything there some still alive, and lots of them with lovely bones.