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25 March 2010

Paint on, paint off!

Graffiti seems to fall into the category of art that is either loved or hated. In my humble opinion some of it is very good, and I can only admire the artists that do it well, particularly bearing in mind that much of the work is done in the dead of night.

It must have been very dark two nights ago, because the artists that decorated one of our walls were showing neither a great level of artistic aptitude, nor the ability of spelling simple profanities. However, the Council’s graffiti police had no problems interpreting the message and demanded that I remove all evidence of the artwork within 48 hours. Or else!!

Funny isn’t it, I am the victim of a ‘crime’, but I will be punished if I don’t make good on Council’s demands. I told them I rather liked the work (a lie) and that what they had written was nothing more offensive than words used by Prime Minster Keating in parliament (true).

However, a protracted argument with the graffiti police proved fruitless, so the rest of the day was spent removing juvenile art rather than me painting amateur art! Now I have a large empty canvas, and I’ve got big plans. Just you wait!

Hosier Lane, Melbourne.Photo ©PeteM 2010

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