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30 September 2011

Local Galleries

 “Desert Country” at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is showing Aboriginal art spanning the past 40 years. The exhibition includes works by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Daisy Nakamarra, Rover Thomas, Nura Rupert and Utopia artists Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Kathleen Petyarre. The exquisite details and rich colour in some of the paintings are quite outstanding. 

I was less taken by the Robin Boyd exhibition – homage to Robin Boyd and the award-winning houses he designed and built at Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula in the mid to late 50’s. For me, having grown up surrounded by innovative and clever Scandinavian architecture from the same era, I must admit to be less than impressed by what was on display. 

The McClelland Gallery has currently three exhibitions on. 

“Dreamweavers” takes the viewer on a strange and enchanting course through the worlds of dreams, nightmares and imagination. The visually appealing combination of sculpture, digital media (great light-boxes), photography and painting should be a source of inspiration for every IDM student.

“Landscapes and Vignettes” – etchings, dry point and aquatints by John Farmer. The extensive collection on display is a testament to what can be achieved by skill, dedication and attention to detail. The tonal range he achieved in his prints is remarkable - a must see.

“The Syndicate” - a sculpture installation by Simon Gilby. There are ten life-size human figures made in steel, cast pewter and resin. The steel filigree work and surface patterning combined with clever lighting brings the figures alive. Shame photography is not allowed in the gallery – these figures would have been perfect for the B&W assignment.

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