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"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

14 May 2011


Image © PeteM 2020
As with most new software I find playing with it is the only way of coming to grips with it. My starting point is 5 raw images exposed at -2,-1, 0, +1 and +2 stops – mostly using a tripod, but I am also pleasantly impressed with Photomatix’s ability to align 5 handheld shots (can’t just be my steady hand!).
Image © PeteM 2020
After that its play, play, play with the myriad of sliders and settings until I have an image with some resemblance of reality, yet enhanced. The processed image is then brought into Photoshop for final adjustments – size, curves and sharpening. The latter can be done in Photomatix, but I have not found any user controls for the sharpening process.

My next step using Photomatix - probably make images far removed from anything resembling reality!
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  1. Pete, I always find looking at your blog so inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Did Photomatix automatically align your hand held shots, as I found that my hand held shots did not line up. Is there a way to do this manually in Photomatix? Thanks for any help with this. regards Jan Lamb

  3. great city scape video! regards Jan