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29 May 2011

Addictive additives

The photographic community seems to have two sharply divided camps when it comes to HDR imaging. People either love or hate the pictures. For me, it was love at first sight. 

I can still remember my first attempts at the additive colour process in the darkroom. Very long hours spent in a small, horribly smelly and stuffy room handling corrosive chemicals – all in pursuit of that elusive champion colour image. Sadly, the failure rate was frustratingly high. 

However, Andy Warhol was at that time perfecting the craft of making those strangely coloured  “failed” images into an art form. That was great for morale – my failures were now cutting edge photography. Just a pity the buying public did not share my newfound enthusiasm for my take on the art form!

These Photomatix / Photoshop processed HDR images are the result from a quick trip to Southbank on Saturday afternoon:

Image © PeteM2020

Image © PeteM2020
Click on the images for a larger version

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