"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

02 June 2010

Flying Cow (Urban Legend)

Image © PeteM2010 (canvas approx 1400x900mm )

The Japanese Coast Guard received a distress call from a small sinking Korean fishing vessel, and on reaching the fishing boat they found it had been largely destroyed.

The Japanese authorities believed they had caught a spy vessel that had for some reason or the other blown up. The crew was arrested and interrogated as spies, but the Koreans insisted that they were merely fishing when a cow had dropped out of the sky and crashed through their hull. The Japanese didn’t buy the story and incarcerated the distraught sailors.

Hearing of the Koreans plight, a Japanese Air Force crew admitted to having rustled a cow whilst on an exercise flight to a remote island in the Japan Sea. However, on the flight back to base the cow had become quite mad, thrashing about and damaging the aircraft. The Captain decided that the only safe thing to do was to scuttle the animal mid flight -- the rest is history or so the story goes.

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