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19 February 2010

Mount Everest

Alfred Gregory’s memorial service was held at Mont de Lancey today. I did not know him or his wife, Suzanne very well, but that has not stop me from admiring them both for their total dedication to obtaining the perfect photographic image.

Photographing almost every stage of Sir Hillary’s successful attempt to be the first man to ascend Mount Everest must have been a thrill, but in the back of his mind he must have known that he would not receive the same accolades or recognition bestowed on Sir Hillary. Having seen a large number of Gregory’s outstanding images, I would suggest his efforts on that expedition were equal to his leader. (Long live superbly processed and well-archived films)

Having spent a full days intense effort on constructing my De Chirico model, and with only a pretty modest outcome, I felt humbled by the achievements of my fellow students. That said, I am grateful for the help and encouragement offered. I know that constructing a model is nothing like an ascent on Mount Everest, but still quite taxing. However, my associate on the opposite side of the table encouragingly suggested that every mistake or shortcoming in my artistic life CAN be fixed in Photoshop! Hope she is right.  Stay tuned for my findings.

Please note: should Chisholm TAFE decide to employ a pool of artistically inclined Sherpas, I am ready to hire the lot right here and now to help me complete this project!

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  1. Alfred Gregory and his wife exhibited at Chisholm's J Space Gallery a few years ago in an exhibtion about graffiti that I organised.
    I enjoyed working with them and am sorry to hear the news about Alfred. His book of photographs on the ascent is quite wonderful.

    Regarding the model:

    not too big

    look more deeply into how De Chirco painted skies etc (use of colour and contrast) and his use of placement and composition

    Build the basic model quickly, then refine.

    The problems help refine the technique.. look at simple alternatives.