"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

13 February 2010

Me - an artist (?)

I have embarked on a course of interactive digital media, which is proving to be quite a personal challenge. Having spent the best part of my life in ‘left-brain’ activities, now quite suddenly having to fire up the ‘right-brain’ to peak capacity causes sporadic cerebral meltdowns. The neural pathways have atrophied to the stage where the creative juices are only flowing at a snails pace. Despite an exhaustive Google search – no simple remedy or cure has been found to reverse the hapless state of my ‘right-brain’ neurons.   

In class, David Salter (teacher) suggested we should call ourselves ARTISTS rather than mere STUDENTS.  I proudly announced my new title to my nearest and dearest on arriving home that evening – causing much amusement and hilarity. ‘Bullshit artist’ maybe, but for them to see me as an artist was stretching the imagination too far. My title will remain as student for the time being.

However, by the cracking pace set by David Trout (teacher / mentor / guru) my creative abilities will be sufficiently elevated by years end to make them understand that my artistic endeavours have some merit and that I have not simply been spending my time away from home in a ‘sheltered workshop’. Watch this space, as this blog will be my surreptitious media for reporting my progress. 

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