"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

02 June 2013

My hero - Jeffrey Smart

Image © PeteM2020

Can’t put my finger on why, but these days Jeffrey Smart’s paintings resonate with my perception of the landscape – seeing beauty in the mundane.

Found this scene mid afternoon in sunny Hobart (Tasmania).  I knew there was an image there, but couldn’t nail it down. Took a heap of pictures from various angles, but nothing seemed to work.

The odd car passed by, putting a bit of life into the scene, but I was too slow….. Fortunately, my muse came to the rescue, yelling from the street corner “car!!” “truck!!” or “cyclist!!” as they approached.  Capturing this truck, with the matching blue colour, made my day!

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