"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

13 November 2011


Hong Kong never ceases to amaze me. Here is a turbulent blend of east meets west - the adoption of the best and the worst of both cultures.
Image © PeteM2020

Despite having visited this bustling city frequently during the past 30 years, I can still  get lost in this ever changing and rapidly expanding metropolis. However, the people have remained as charming, good looking and engaging as always.

Image © PeteM2020
Although western style food is now slowly finding its way into the mainstream dining – traditional HK food still remains supreme. Shopping in HK has always been an exciting experience, but with globalisation – HK has sadly lost its gloss as a bargain hunters shopping capital.

Image © PeteM2020

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