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30 March 2011


To put a simple idea into reality in After Effects is easier said than done! To concoct a short animation that lasts less than 2 minutes has taken me an inordinate number of hours. This short piece is about 2850 frames - the mere thought of making a 10-minute stop motion animation would to me be like redefining eternity.

Although learning the basics of the software was manageable, the execution proved painfully slow. Hopefully, given time, I‘ll learn more of the keyboard shortcuts and After Effects tricks so I can speed up the process. However, having had a glimpse into what can be achieved with the software, I’m eager to learn more.

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  1. Beautiful piece of work Pete, and great choice of music. Yes, it would be great to spend more time learning AE (and Premier) BEFORE having to do assignments. I'm finding the same problem, everything takes forever because we don't know how to fix errors easily.