"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

21 October 2010


First time I heard the expression “crook in bed with a wog” I had no idea about what it meant, but it sounded exotic! Believe me, from my current experience, it isn’t. To add insult to injury, the attendant fever induced hallucinations over the past few days have been totally uninspiring.
However, I have during a few lucid moments made a webpage from a few of my photos from the Zoo outing. Just click HERE to have a look.

I have used a few CSS3 selectors on that page, so if you have an up-to-date and compliant browser (which does not include IE7 or IE8, but Microsoft is slowly getting the message, IE9 is apparently showing promise) you can see ‘rounded corners’, ‘drop shadows’ and ‘opacity’ in action – no Photoshop. The page XHTML and CSS weighs in at just over 4KB!

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